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              The One Ingredient You Haven’t Been Adding to Your S’mores Yet


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              Is it even summer until you’ve had a S’more? Warm, gooey, and oh-so-delicious, the classic combo of crisp graham crackers, melty chocolate, and oozing marshmallows is one it’s hard to imagine improving upon.

              Editors at our sister site Taste of Home, however, were up for the task. They asked for simple ways to take S’mores to the next level, and boy, did their readers deliver. But out of all the tasty ideas they received, one stood out: Add peanut butter!

              Why peanut butter?

              We love this hack because it’s SO simple. All you need to do is spread a li’l goodness on each cracker before adding the other toppings. Or, you could sub a peanut butter cup for the plain chocolate. (Heck, you could add both!)

              Plus, a jar of peanut butter is easy to throw in your backpack before a camping trip. It doesn’t require refrigeration and makes for a hearty snack by itself or with some pretzels. Surprised we’re touting the health benefits of peanut butter? Don’t be! Peanut butter is just one of the many foods that used to be considered unhealthy that are really packed with health benefits…

              Go nuts: If you prefer hazelnuts over peanuts, spread your favorite chocolate-hazelnut spread on your S’mores. Or, use an almond butter cup (we love Justin’s).