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              SKIPPY® P.B. & Jelly Minis – all kidding included
              • Mary Burich

              August 7, 2019


              What’s Next

              Proud of the part they played in developing a new product that is being eaten up – so to speak – by its age group, the children aren’t willing to let Hormel Foods rest on its laurels for long.

              The younger children were especially creative, she added. On the other hand, the older ones understood some functionality of food. For example, they suggested SKIPPY® P.B. & Jelly Minis would be an ideal snack before practice or a game.

              Then they got to the heart of the matter, laying out their wish list.

              “We received a lot of feedback on new flavors they’d like to see, so we’re going to take that back to our R&D team and get to work,” Swift said. “In the meantime, kudos to our R&D team on what we delivered that’s in market today.”

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